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1-800-HEYLAURA is a newsletter dedicated to accessible sex and body image thought-starters created by body image activist, sex educator, and writer Laura Delarato. The idea came to her mayyybbbeee three weeks before the first edition launched with the hope that she can take her knowledge in both sex education and body positive to explore the venn diagram of those nuances. Her thought: How are you going to ask your boss for a raise if you can’t have sex with the lights on? Each edition is housed under a central theme and topic to break down societal learnings while also encouraging her readers to something new. Laura’s goal is for you to love yourself a little more through your own body and sex exploration. This is for you.  


Favorite Book

“Shrill” by Lindy West


Why Sex Education?

If you can be confident in your most intimate & vulnerable moments,
If you put your pleasure first,
If you seek out autonomy and communication in your life,
then you can literally do anything.


What scares you?

Ghosts. Sharks. Loud people.